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What is the need of digital marketing for B2B and B2C? How it can affect your business? Moreover, how it can help you reach your customers and help them. What are the digital marketing strategies that you should implement to grow your business exponentially? We at ViaDigital, the best digital marketing company in Lucknow are here for you, to help you reach your business goals in a cost effective and efficient manner that will yield you better ROI.

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While working on perfecting your digital marketing tactics, you may have many options available to you. Your goal is to select the tactics that are most effective for your business and then employ those digital marketing tactics in ways that eventually convert. To help you accomplish this, we have created a list of the fifteen most popular digital marketing strategies and come up with some best practices that you can use as you implement your content marketing efforts.

Blog Posts :

If you only plan to use a couple of digital marketing tactics, blogging should be one of them. It is inexpensive and takes very little technical knowledge to get started. If you want a blog that results in subscribers, shares, and engagement, you need to plan, schedule, execute and follow some guidelines.

Never Write Blog Post without Planning :

Before you begin generating blog post ideas, know what your audience wants and what you want them to do with that information. Set the tone and match the content that is being used for the marketing campaign. You’ll probably want to add a CTA button that leads to an appropriate landing page.

Know Your Target Audience :

If you do not have clearly identified customer personas already, you will need them before you begin writing posts. Then, figure out which will be interesting to read in your blog. In addition to this, you should also know which type of audience you are going to target with each blog post.

Brand Consistency is Huge :

When it comes to both content and aesthetics, be consistent with your brand persona. It means using the same fonts and colors of your blog. It also means using the same visual context on your website, on social media, in your advertising, etc.

Vary Your Content :

To ensure that you are always producing fresh content, make an effort to publish various types of content. It means that you should produce a video content, infographics, text-based content, and image posts on a regular basis.

Social Media :

social media

Many marketing strategists have realized the potential of social media channels to drive traffic. That is why more businesses than ever are becoming active on social media platforms. An active social media presence leads to brand recognition that makes it easier to close deals when the time arrives. Unfortunately, many social media marketing strategies for B2B, don’t get the results people want, because not enough time is given strategizing how to use the various social media channels. An excellent social media strategy must include:

  • Using targeted keywords.
  • Optimize for social media searches as well as search engines.
  • Determine which groups and chart room’s to join.
  • Mixing social media strategy with existing marketing strategy.
  • Determining which tools to use to create and promote posts.
  • Establish the purpose of each post.

Newsletters :

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Email newsletters are a great way to build relationships, to keep readers interested and informed, and to drive them to your website. Here are a few best practices for E-newsletters:

  • Easily findable Unsubscribe Link.
  • Brief Disclaimer to the Recipient that s/he is receiving the Email Because They Subscribed.
  • Include the Intro for lengthy articles in the Email Then Link to Your Website for the Remainder of the Post.
  • Include some visual or video content in each email.
  • Provide a link to view the post online for those who are not fans of HTML email.

Videos :

The use of video content in marketing is becoming popular these days as people realize its potential to generate leads, boost brand, and create engagement. However, to get the most out from video marketing, you should follow a few guidelines:

  • Each video should have a purpose, be short, and should get right to the point.
  • Know which video you are going to target whom.
  • Coordinate video parts of a more extensive campaign.
  • The ideal length for video is between 3-5 minutes.
  • Video production quality should be good.

Images and Photos :

Blog posts and articles that contain visuals are attractive to people, and they can help you to skip several paragraphs of text to make your point. That is why graphs, infographics, photos, and illustrations get lots of shares and result in a lot of engagement. To ensure your website gets higher engagement use high-resolution photographs with great description. A crucial note about pictures in your content, give your files meaningful names.

Infographics :

Infographics are an excellent way to present readers with a lot of information in an easily digestible form. Infographics also make it easy to explain complex ideas and topics. Learning to create good infographics takes a bit of time and effort, so be sure that you get the most benefit out of them.

  • Is it a good idea to create an infographic?
  • Make easily understandable infographics for your audience.
  • The infographic should add value to your blog or website.
  • The infographic should meet a specific need or information.
  • Target your infographic towards people who are likely to share it on social media.
  • Show your brand through infographic.
  • Go through several corrections before your infographic is ready for public display.
  • As you and your team become more skilled at creating infographics, you can create interactive infographics.

Mobile Apps :

If you create a mobile app or build one with the help of a developer, you can provide existing customers with a convenient way to make purchases, review orders, search products and services, and consume mobile-friendly content through the app. However, the creation, testing, deployment, and maintenance of an app take a lot of work and involve a significant amount of investment. When everything works well, both you and your customers will be glad you listened to them. If it doesn’t work well, you will have a costly and embarrassing mistake. Here are a few tips to ensure that your mobile app is a success.

  • Test thoroughly through the development process and don’t start production without testing it with a select group of consumers.
  • Create a maintenance plan before deployment.
  • Seek user feedback for the functionality of the app.
  • Develop for an interactive, authentic experience.
  • Provide offline functionality within the app.
  • Don’t limit your app to a particular device or screen size.
  • Use analytics to track downloads and behaviours of your app users.

There are many digital marketing channels like email marketing, social media marketing, search engine marketing and so on a small business can use to reach their audience and, in the end, sell them their product or service. Each of the channels uses a different approach. Still, once a strategy is created and prepared in general, it’s easy to customize the messages to different audiences and boost conversions.

Some potential customers are more receptive to personalized emails, while others prefer blogs and a mixture of targeted ads to feel engaged enough to convert to customers.

Digital marketing multichannel approach can help you find and engage potential customers online using whichever favourite platform they prefer.

With digital marketing, small businesses can compete competitively with large businesses. Consider using chatbots to boost your chance of a sale by 400%.

Digital marketing doesn’t demand small companies to have an array of tools and huge budgets to get noticed, make sales, and grow. Sure, some tools are needed, but many things depend on the marketers’ knowledge and experience. Knowing your target audience and knowing what you are selling in-depth makes up for more than any fancy tools – especially with the help of digital marketing.