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Choose The Best Email Marketing Company In Lucknow

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Email marketing has been around for decades, but when done right it’s still one of the most successful digital marketing tools available. Today, email has to sound like conversations individually with each member of the group, but it must also expand. Be sure your plans are up-to-date, so the emails are processed and the noise is filtered through.

While pushing consumers down the sales funnel, few items are more useful than digital marketing. That is why a marketing automation program has now been adopted by more than 53% of B2B businesses. The best thing about automation is that it helps you to set and forget it, saving your time and money. And a drip campaign is one of our favorite ways of marketing automation.

Drip campaigns — an automated collection of emails sent based on particular schedules or user activities — are valuable as they allow you to target your audiences with the emails they have to receive to reach them. It is significant, because according to Jupiter Research, relevant emails drive 18 times more revenue than broadcast emails. The trick is how you use and the type of drip campaign you use.

Although some drip campaigns differ by market, automated email details are available that every company needs to be effective in some way.

  1. Welcome Campaign

Whenever a lead subscribes first, an email should be sent to them immediately. It’s the first step to get your future customer onboard and your chance to introduce yourself, talk about what you’re offering, and show why you’re superior to your competitors. These emails are usually well-received, receiving an average open rate of 58.7%— more than double the normal 14.6% open email rate.

Make sure that your first email address is delivered quickly and not just one email. to be effective. Alternatively, you should set up three to five emails that focus on your new lead and what you can expect from your brand.

Types of welcome campaigns:

  • An email containing some of the most popular blog posts.
  • Provide a new trial standard or a discount just for registration.
  • Showcase studies or customer testimonials on your services/products.
  • Retargeting Campaign

How do you convert the lead into a client? E-mail replacement is one of the arsenal’s most valuable tools. It works through a browser cookie and allows you based on your actions to reach future customers. Email retargeting conversions can be as high as 41%, according to Moz.

Ideas for re-targeting campaigns:

To download a free lead generation product send a follow-up e-mail to the leads.

Follow up with your site visiting customers or reading your blog without taking action.

Ask your clients to provide a gift or quote with their email and send a follow-up.

  • Abandoned Cart Campaign

The average rate of abandonment of carts in 2017 was 78.65 %. Three out of every four shoppers left your site without shopping. It is where you can start a drip campaign to get these consumers back online and get them back to the “shop” button.

You want to send an email if a consumer leaves un-purchased products in his cart to start this sort of drip campaign. Simply, the email can be anything, “We’re sorry you left. Take free shipping to us if you decide to come back “to” We had seen you left item 1 in your cart. And that’s what people think about the product. You don’t want to miss these leads because they’re already involved, and you can get them in the best way possible.

A successful abandoned cart campaign:

Tell your user what is missing when they leave.

This offers an opportunity to get the customer back into the fold.

This offers fresh information strengthening the nearly purchased goods or services to conclude the sale.

  • Post-Purchase Campaign

It is vital to have brand loyalty. The reality is that a repeated customer is much easier to attract than a new customer. ClickZ states it is 60-70% likely to sell to a current customer as against 5-20% for a new customer. The trick is not to ignore a potential customer for your new client.

By emailing your customer after a purchase, you show that you value them and concentrate on building brand loyalty. Make sure your e-mails after purchase offer value based on what the customer ordered and expressed an interest in.

Successful ideas for post-buying campaign:

Give customers discounts for repeat shopping to join your brand loyalty program. Before making a purchase, 79% of customers seek loyalty or reward treaties. Provide a list of items “similar to” that could be important that other customers purchased. Ask for reviews or tips on how best to make use of your purchase with links to videos, forums, or infographics.

  • Unsubscribe Campaign

There are still possibilities to follow up with a drip campaign when people leave your email list. You don’t just swear and carry on. Rather, you may send a last e-mail to try to get the lead to the fold back with a short message, “We’re sorry to see you go! Email and a customer drive to follow you around on social media.

The truth is that most users who unsubscribe from your email don’t do it because they dislike your company, or what they give. People could just try to clean up their email or communicate differently with you. Make sure that you don’t lose them with other choices.

Kinds of unsubscribing emails:

  • To make them happy, send out an email asking what you can do better.
  • Offer additional options to communicate with you through links to your social media.
  • Attach any humor or personality to prove that your business is not just emails.

A drip campaign, remember, is rarely, if ever, a single text. You need to think of your drip campaigns instead as multi-step methods to reach your customers and leads. There are limitless email access strategies. Choose the campaigns that perform great for you and create new strategies to efficiently bring the leads down the funnel.

We will divide the kind of emails we send regularly to the following five categories, to facilitate digestion:

  • Captures of lead
  • E-mail meeting or personal
  • Sale and Giveaways
  • Responses and surveys  
  • Additional learning
  • Keep it simple, but add a warning picture

The misconception is that the email design is sophisticated and beautiful. If the recipients provide as much information as possible, are they likely to convert, are they correct? Not exactly that! People on social media have limited attention span. They only spend 11.1 seconds reading an email on average before converting or closing.