Know About Dr. Rajneesh Singh

Dr. Rajneesh Singh, Founder, Via Digital Media And News has an experience of number of years. He is an experienced businessmen and with inventing idea of the company, he is holding the responsibilities of developing, overseeing, management and company affairs. He has been instrumental in restricting the company with the aim of making the group a market leader in its field of operations. He has earned Doctorate from Lucknow University and a degree in Master of Finance from Banaras Hindu University. Apart from this Dr. Rajneesh Singh is well renowned social activist of Uttar Pradesh.

Via has a strong commitment to its customers with management team and employees who are dedicated to meeting or exceeding customer needs with reliable services.


As a Firm our mission is to build Via Digital Media as the best and biggest PR (Public Relation), Advertising, Social Media Services agency, by delivering the highest standards of service and quality we continuously thrive to be the best in the Industry. We continuously involve talent and innovative ideas with industry standards and carefully crafted plans in order to provide the best of PR, Advertising, and Social Media solutions.

By dividing our efforts in multiple channels, we plan to deliver the best to our clients. A few may have ventured to utilize one vertical, but none caters to provide a comprehensive researched analysis across all. We are the company that creates how the information is displayed .Our clients know they need a company that understands the PR Terminology.

This is the time to build new strategies, embrace innovation, fund transformation initiatives, and create a business that can succeed in a new digital future.

VIA can help! We offer a unique blend of advisory and consulting services, research, retainers, events, and innovation offerings that can help you explore the possibilities and make informed plans and decisions along your journey.

We look forward to working with different clients. When strategy meets action, everyone is successful!

All the best