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It’s no longer only about your ROI. It is about your capacity to harness the return on the mind-share, voice, cultural relevancy and yes, as well as your rupees. We bring in our strategy services which encompass several determining factors so that together we can execute these strategies.


Digital Transformation and Business Strategy, Social Brand Strategy, Media Planning Strategy, Analytics and Experience Strategy; with this mix, we are better enabled to create a vision for your brand that actually works- helping to meet your short-term as well as long term goals while responding positively to the challenges of an always-on community.

Our work culture is defined less by protocol and more by spontaneity. Yet, we value both mavericks as well as conformists because it is a combination of the two that provides the right balance to a work path. At Via Media, we invite game-changing ideas, out-of-the-box communication solutions, as well as people who have it in them to redefine media strategies.

Success in the field of public relations requires a deep understanding of the interests and concerns of each of the client’s many public. The public relations professional must know how to effectively address those concerns using the most powerful tool of the public relations trade, which is publicity. To provide the best expertise to their clients, agencies are investing in bringing in talent with a plethora of new skills in digital, data analysis, and beyond, as well as training current employees to answer the call of a broader agency portfolio.

Skills on offer at PR agencies have expanded exponentially in the last few years. What is certain is that a firm’s to-do list will only lengthen as clients demand an approach complete with traditional elements such as media relations, along with an enhanced skill set that includes efforts around point of sale, Sales force training, building apps, and Web design, just to name a few.

With the role of agencies evolving so rapidly, the only clear definition of what a PR firm does might just be whatever it takes to make a client successful.